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Understand Client Organization & Specific Need

Our search process begins by learning about our client’s organization and specific “role” the person will play in the organization.

Understand Job Requirements

We then determine how the candidate will fit into that structure, and thoroughly understand the “desired profile” of the candidate – that is skill sets needed to excel in the specific job opportunity..

Research candidates

Using our extensive network and technology systems we discreetly target exceptional candidates who we believe to be a good fit..


Advertise position

We advertise positions in leading job search engines as well as through our vast network of professional contacts and relationships. This ensures we have a vast pool of candidates to consider for initial screening.

Shortlist Qualified Candidate Pool

We carefully review the initial candidate pool and perform an initial screening by shortlisting candidates that are an exact match to client needs.


Evaluate Candidate Capabilities

We evaluate each shortlisted candidate by interviewing them to assess their qualifications and compatibility for the position. Candidates who pass the interview are also comparatively assessed for “best fit” to the position and arranged in priority order for client consideration.


Present Candidates

Each candidate resume that is sent to a client is accompanied by a brief bio describing that candidate’s character and strengths as well as more detail about his/her professional accomplishments.

Reference Checks

We have a strong commitment to perform reference checks and background checks to validate a candidate’s work experience and track record.


Compensation Negotiation

We manage expectations with both the client and the candidate which results in an above industry average placement rates and acceptances.


We continue to follow-up with both the client and the new hire to ensure satisfaction



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