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Based on the proposal forward by Propelur and after viewing their portfolio of completed projects, it was very easy to select them as the design team to recreate our website. Their accomplishments and finished products were trendy, contemporary, and visually exciting - exactly what we were looking for.   My expectation in a new website is primarily a great appearance, content, functionality, and usability. In creating our website, Propelur is meeting and surpassing all of our expectations.   When Propelur delivered a mock-up of the homepage I was stunned! The design team are masters of vision and creativity. They seem to easily take my ideas for what I want the new website to look like and piece it together as if they have been in my concept meetings from day one. They include the laundry list of things we want on the website in such a way that it looks fresh, sophisticated, and contemporary. Even more so, they are aware of our deadline for wanting to launch the new website and help us stay on target.   'Propelur is very clear about the process and takes us step by step through it with friendly reminders. Propelur exhibits just the right amount of motivation and patience while providing guidance and choices and we are very pleased with their customer service!   I cannot stress enough how much of a pleasure it was to work with Propelur and will recommend their business to anyone I know.    
Patricia M J P , Marketing Manager
Directorate of FWMR, US Army

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